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A Short History of Blazers and Blazer Badges March 12 2015

It is extremely difficult to attempt to trace an exact history of the blazer badges because there are so many theories about where these items originated from. Even though identifying its origins is a daunting task, there are many people who believe that the origins of this and the blazer badges that adorn them can be traced to about one of two origins.

The first origin story is traced back to the Lady Margaret Boat Club, which was established as far back as 1825 in Cambridge. It is believed that individuals who belonged to this club were expected to uniforms that were decorated with bright scarlet. Because of the colour associated with these uniforms, they are said to have been nicknamed Blazers.

For those who are interested – the club is still around today and its members are required to wear the very same uniform. It is worth noting that while the uniform remains the same, certain privileged members are actually able to add gold buttons onto their uniform, making it all the more fascinating.

It is believed that over time, blazers and the accompanying blazer badges evolved and soon just about everyone was wearing them.

There is another story associated with the rise of the blazer and that is the H.M.S Blazer. Back in the 19th century there was a vessel belonging to the Royal Navy of the same name and at the time, Queen Victoria intended to pay a visit to the ship. Because of the impending visit, the Commander of the vessel was determined to impress the queen and so he ordered that new uniforms be ordered for the special occasion. The commander was especially adamant to change the uniform because he felt that the old one was well below standards.

Eventually, after thinking his options through, the commander picked out a double breasted jacket and include brass buttons that were exclusive to the Royal Navy. At this point in time, the Royal Navy did not yet have standard uniforms and so it was up to the commanders to pick out the uniforms that they felt would be most appropriate.

Even after the visit was complete, the sailors on that particular ship continued to wear what would become known as blazers. It was not long after that, that this article of clothing became extremely popular throughout the country and then later, the rest of the world. It was a matter of time before blazers were being adorned with blazer badges in order to identify rank and status and this is still the case today.

The Evolution of the School Blazer

Schools were some of the first to start making use of blazer badges after the more official organizations, such as the navy. Some of these blazers were made with piping, while others were not. Regardless of how much changed, one thing remained the same – the blazers always came with specific buttons and blazer badges that were especially designed for the school, by the school officials.

Soon after the schools began making use of them, clubs throughout the Commonwealth began making use of them. Around this time, various regiments began using blazer badges to identify their groups, as well as ranking officials within these regiments.

The Striped Blazer

Just like any other item of clothing, the blazer went through a range of changes over time. During the 1920’s, for example, striped blazers were all the rage and it was around this time that the Brooks Brothers began to sell them. These were some of the biggest sellers of blazers and blazer badges in the country and they simply flew off the shelves. It was during the 1960’s that these blazers became extremely popular among younger individuals.

Just like any other item of clothing, the blazer has come a long way since it was first introduced. To this day, both blazers and blazer badges play major roles within various organizations and these can usually be seen on special occasions, particularly weddings, funerals and parades, among others. The blazer appears to be one of those items of clothing that will continue to remain popular for many years to come and so the badges that adorn them will continue to remain as popular.




4 Great Perks of Military Blazer Badges March 12 2015

When people think of military blazer badges, they often imagine these to be those badges that decorate regiment clothing with little or no purpose other than to fulfil a requirement by the "higher ups" to dress correctly, but this is not necessarily the case. These days, these badges are so much more than adornments on a parade outfit – they are the often the essence of an official uniform for a variety of reasons.

If you think that blazer badges have always been part of the military uniform, think again. At one point or another, uniforms consisted of nothing more than a group of people who chose to wear a certain colour in order to more easily identify themselves as being a part of a group. Over time, it became necessary to identify large groups of the military more easily, and over time, this evolved. These days, you can tell exactly what position and regiment someone belongs to simply by looking at their uniform.

They Identify a Regiment

One of the biggest benefits of military blazer badges is that these items actually identify certain individuals to be part of specific regiments, so it is easy to see where someone fits in just by looking at the badge they are wearing. This sort of identification comes in handy just about everywhere – from missions overseas to at home parades. This is one of the most common uses for the blazer badge and it is not only sees in the military. These days, you can see blazer badges everywhere from schools to local law enforcement uniforms. Ultimately, the badge is so much more than just a symbol.

They Inspire Team Building

Cohesion is an important part of being part of a team and there are many ways for leaders to inspire team building. One of the ways that they can accomplish this is by ensuring that everyone has a uniform, and military blazer badges take this one step further. By wearing these badges, individuals are not only marked as a part of the same army, but the smaller regiments to which they belong can then be identified. Most people assume that badges are simply for identification purposes, but this is most certainly not the case and this becomes clear when you see veterans choosing to wear their regiment badges on their casual attire, long after they have completed their service. An individual that feels as if they are a part of a team will work as a unit, and this can increase the overall power of that unit.

They are for Casual and Official Wear

Military blazer badges are often worn long after a service man or woman has retired, which is why they can be printed or embroidered onto casual attire. Of course, casual clothing with these badges attached is not only meant for retirees – they can be worn by just about anyone who wants to represent their regiment while they are on leave. The best thing about having these badges attached to casual clothing is that this can be done on just about any item of clothing, making it easy for individual to pick out their favourite pieces from home, or opt to purchase something new and have the badge attached.

They Bring Back Memories

Many people still feel like they are a part of their regiment when they leave the army and this is another perk of having military blazer badges sewn onto casual clothing. In many instances, these badges can be kept as mementoes of a time spent either within one’s own country or on a post overseas.

In the past, military blazer badges might have been used simply for the purposes of being able to identify certain individuals within a group of the army, but this has changes over time. Badges are not only practical, but they can also be very sentimental. These badges have become items of pride, and furthermore, they have become symbols of a country, regiment or even individuals that people have an allegiance to and this can be very powerful. It is no wonder that people are still choosing to have their badges sewn onto not only their official uniforms but also their personal clothing.

What You Need To Know When Picking Army Clothing March 08 2015

Army clothing is about so much more than just camouflage and getting to know the various options available online can go a long way in helping you pick the right pieces for your wardrobe.

In The Field and at Home

Before you start picking your army attire, you will want to find out whether you are going to be wearing it at home or in the field. If you are looking for casual attire, the sky is really the limit because you won’t have to worry about your personal safety. When it comes to picking army clothing for service, you will want to ensure you have all the necessary items to keep you safe and warm, regardless of the climate.

Army Jackets

Army jackets come in handy regardless of whether you are using them to fish or in active duty. The best quality jackets are tough, warm and water proof, making them ideal in a range of conditions. These jackets can be worn to keep the sun off your back in the desert or the cold from your toes in the snow.

Not all jackets are waterproof, so it is important to look out for this feature. Furthermore, you will want to focus on the finer details of this army clothing, such as how many pockets there are sewn into the item and whether it zips up and down easily enough.

Army Shirts

Army shirts can be worn as civilian wear or in the field and they come in a range of different styles, materials and prices. The most common shirt is the camouflage shirt because it tends to blend in so well in military-environments, but it is common to find servicemen wearing plain, white shirts too. You do not have to be all that particular about the shirt you purchase, but you will want it to be of a very high quality or you will end up having to replace it long before you want to.

Army Gloves

When you’re in the army, just about all clothing items could end up saving your life, or making your trip more comfortable. Army gloves are among some of the most important items and it is for this reason that you need to consider your options very carefully when picking them.

The first thing you need to know when picking army clothing such as gloves is that they are not all made of the same quality material. Some of these products are easy to slip on, comfortable, warm and will ensure that your hands are steady when holding a weapon. On the other hand, others could end up making it difficult for you to do your job, and this is something you want to avoid out in the field.

If there is something that you splurge on when picking your clothing, it should be these. Keep in mind, a good pair of gloves doubles as a great fishing or hunting companion.

Belts, Eyewear and Other Accessories

Accessories aren’t always the first thing that people think of when they consider army clothing but these items are extremely important. Belts, for example, can end up serving a double function in many ways, so it is best that they are durable and comfortable. Belts do not only function as a method of keeping your pants up; they could end up being used as a tourniquet in a life-threatening situation, so the last thing you’ll want is for yours to snap on you.

You cannot be more careful when choosing your eyewear, since this will protect one of your most precious abilities; your eyesight. Eyewear protects you from sandstorms, stray materials and even weapons, so be sure to pick only the best.

Choosing the right army clothing begins with getting to know your options. While professionals are usually served with clothing for various operations, knowing how to supplement this kit could end up making a tough experience much more comfortable. For veterans looking to feel comfortable in military-style clothing in the comfort of their own homes, knowing which options will serve dual purposes will help them make all of the right choices.

Whether you are planning a tour on active duty or a fishing trip, the right army clothing can make all of the difference.